Advantages of a Skip VS the Tip: Which is Right for You?

When you have rubbish to dispose of, you have some thinking to do in terms of how you will do it. There are two main options that people consider: hiring a skip, or taking your rubbish to the tip. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The one you choose will need to be suited to your unique situation.

Hiring a skip is going to be the most convenient choice if you have a large amount of waste that you’d like to dispose of. A skip company will deliver your skip to you and then work out a plan with you when you need them to take it away. Then all that’s left to do is fill it up with your rubbish when you can.

Although driving your waste to the tip is cheaper, you must also factor in fuel costs and the time it will take you to take everything to the tip. You’ll need to spend lots of time breaking up the waste and placing it in the right containers. You’ll more than likely need to take more than one trip, so the costs just keep on going up.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to think about when deciding what to do:

The Amount Of Waste

If you can do the tip trip in one, then it could be a good idea to do that. However, if you will have to take more than one trip and the tip isn’t on your doorstep, then you’ll need to work out what is most financially viable for you.

For a handful of trips, it’ll take lots of time, fuel, and effort to get this done. How many miles away is the tip? How much do you have to get rid of? How much time will you spend driving there, back, and getting the waste in the right place? Most of the time, a skip is a quicker and more sensible option in all aspects.

The Type Of Waste You Are Getting Rid Of

What sort of waste are you getting rid of? Some waste that you put in the car can cause permanent damage. You may need to have your car professionally cleaned, if it can be cleaned at all. Breaking up furniture can take a lot of time, and then further time to figure out how to fit it into your car.

Where You’ll Put The Skip

Some people won’t think that a skip is a good option for them if it has to be left somewhere inconvenient, like the road. Some skip services will offer you a wait and load service, and may even help you get the job done quicker with a labour service. However, if you really have nowhere to put a skip, then a tip is your only option.

Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options:

Taking Rubbish To The Tip


● Free disposal of rubbish
● Most waste types accepted in one place


● Wear and tear on your vehicle
● Petrol costs depending on how many trips you take
● May need several trips – taking up a lot of time
● Long queues can mean even a tip close by takes a long time to visit
● You’ll have to load the car, then unload it yourself – no help with labour
● Selective opening times

Using A Skip To Dispose Of Rubbish


● The skip will be delivered direct to you
● You can load at a time convenient to you
● Once you’ve loaded the skip, it’s taken away and you don’t have to worry about it
● A skip is easier to load than a car – just throw it in
● Wide range of sizes to suit all needs and budgets


● The up-front cost
● Needing somewhere to put the skip


It’s clear that the best option for waste management and getting rid of rubbish is the skip, providing you have the space and a little money to do it. You’ll save time and labour this way, barely having to put any effort in at all, and not having to worry about any damage to your vehicle.

With a tip, it may be free and fine for just one trip, but needing to take multiple trips will cost a bomb in fuel and you’ll need to spend time breaking up the rubbish, putting it in the right place, and then cleaning your car when you’re done. The only time that will be a suitable option for you is if you have no choice as your space is limited.

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