Bin-E: World's First Intelligent Waste Bin

Being eco-conscious is generally considered to be a must for businesses these days, yet thousands of companies are continuing to fail in their efforts.

Arguably the biggest reason for this is the simple reality of managing waste.

Recycling might be something that a company wants to do, but they just don’t have the dedicated timemanpower, or facilities in which to do it.

The problem is then compounded if employees aren’t particularly committed to recycling initiatives.

The above is a scenario that thousands of businesses find themselves in and there has been relatively little assistance – until now.

Bin-e is a world-changing waste management system that has the potential to change the way businesses dispose of their trash forever.

What is Bin-e?

Bin-e is, according to the manufacturers, the world’s first “intelligent bin”. The idea, at its core, is very simple.

Rather than relying on individuals to sort and process their rubbish, Bin-e handles the entire recycling system.

Here’s how Bin-e works:

● A person places a piece of rubbish into Bin-e, just like they would with a standard bin.
● Bin-e is able to detect the material that the item is made from.
● Bin-e will then sort the rubbish into the correct section of the waste management system.
● There are four major separate sorting options: GlassPlasterPaper, and Mixed.
● When Bin-e has ascertained which of the sections the rubbish needs to be placed it, in then compresses the item. This helps to increase storage capacity and reduces the need for huge waste storage spaces.
● The rubbish is then sorted into the correct section.

The above is impressive enough, offering a way to ensure all rubbish is appropriately separated with minimal involvement from a person – but Bin-e have taken their innovation a step further.



Waste Management With Bin-e

Bin-e doesn’t just sort rubbish; it also communicates effectively with the entire business organisation.

When a section of Bin-e is full, a report is automatically sent to the maintenance department of the company as well as to an external waste management company.

This report not only serves as notice that the bin needs to be emptied, but also what kind of materials will be collected.

This feature allows waste management companies to optimise the efficacy of their collections and be 100% prepared for the work they will be required to do when they take possession of the waste.

Bin-e’s smart technology and record-keeping could help to ensure the most thorough waste management process imaginable.

Improvements Bin-e Can Help Facilitate

Not only does Bin-e provide a complete solution for existing waste, but the data it collects can help companies to identify areas where waste can be reduced.

For example, Bin-e can identify that the marketing department dispose of more paper than any other area of the company, which in turn means that department could be focused on for efforts to reduce their paper consumption.

Bin-e is the first of its kind and there is no doubt it is a true trailblazer that could revolutionise company recycling and waste management efforts.

The eco-future is bright with innovations like Bin-e beginning to make their way to market.