10mm Shingle Essex: Ideal for Footpaths, Pipe Bedding, Drainage, Planting Borders, Hard Landscaping

10mm Shingle Essex: Ideal for Footpaths, Pipe Bedding, Drainage, Planting Borders, Hard Landscaping

Shingle has a wide variety of uses and can be put to almost any purpose in your garden or building site.

10mm shingle is especially valued as it improves drainage and looks quite attractive once raked into place.

Choosing the right shingle requires some patience as there are many different colours to choose from and you really should look before you buy.

What is 10mm Shingle?

Shingle is an aggregate of small stones, in this case of 10mm or less, that is usually found on the coast.

It is an ideal material for all sorts of purposes including decorative, drainage and building.

Shingle can come in all sorts of different colours so if you have a particular idea in mind, it is always best to go and look at the shingle before you buy.

How Can I Use 10mm Shingle?

10mm shingle has many uses and can be used practically, decoratively or both.

It is a popular material with gardeners and is used for everything from improving soil drainage to dissuading visiting slugs from your favourite plants.

10mm Shingle Used as Pipe Bedding

Shingle is widely used as pipe bedding, especially with plastic pipes where 10mm or pea shingle must be used.

You must cover your plastic pipe with this type of shingle, but then you may use larger shingles above.

For clay pipes, 10mm shingle is necessary for the bedding and halfway up the pipe. After this point, you can use other materials.

10mm Shingle for Creating Footpaths

Shingle is also a popular choice for creating footpaths in both private gardens and public spaces.

As a cheap material, shingle is popular as it is easy to top up and is simple to pour into the right shape.

Shingle is ideal for curving walkways and other more interesting shapes. Try using a few types of shingle to differentiate areas within your garden.

10mm Shingle Provides Good Drainage

One of the main reasons that shingle is so popular with gardeners is that it provides good drainage.

Unlike paving, which can easily end up full of puddles and loosen over the years, shingle will drain excess water through the tiny gaps between the stones.

Mixing some shingle into your 10mm screened topsoil is a great way to improve drainage and prevent your plants from drowning. This is especially useful for potted plants.

10mm Shingle for Hard Landscaping

Shingle can be used in lots of different ways in your garden from constructing paths to creating water features.

As shingle is naturally found in rivers and streams (as well as at the coast) it is a natural choice for creating a water feature in your garden – just remember to lay a waterproof membrane!

10mm Shingle is Ideal for Planting Borders

As shingle is ideal for improving drainage, you should consider using some in your borders.

However, you don’t just have to dig it into your topsoil. You can also use shingle as a cover for your topsoil.

This will discourage slugs from going near your precious plants and will also discourage weeds from growing in between the plants.

Using shingle like this is also a stylistic choice and is very popular amongst show gardeners.

10mm Shingle Cost

10mm shingle costs £25 per tonne + VAT.

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