Go Green at Work - Eco Friendly Tips for the Office

During our busy day to day life at work, it can be a struggle to be environmentally friendly while working there.

This can be extremely annoying, not only for the Earth whose supplies are slowly dwindling down, but also for those people who do desperately want to work in an eco friendly office.

All of us at TJC Transport can relate to this problem as it is our aim to also live in an environmental friendly manner, which is why we recycle as much as we possibly can from those of you who use our skip hire services.

This is why we are providing you with some green office ideas, so that less waste gets produced in your offices.

Eco Friendly Tips to Save Paper

It is all too easy to waste mounds and mounds of paper when working at an office, so here are some ideas to help you go green at work.

Only print documents when it is absolutely necessary and to avoid wasting more paper than what is needed, print double sided.

Meanwhile, email documents to colleagues rather than printing them out. Additionally, why not put a message at the bottom of each email, saying something along the lines of “think before you print“.

Furthermore, in kitchens and bathrooms, opt for fabric towels instead of paper towels.

Eco Friendly Ideas to Save Electricity

Another one of the many ways to be eco friendly, is during out of office hours and when computers and rooms are not in use, why not keep the computers, lights and heating turned off so you don’t waste money and electricity.

Energy efficient light bulbs can also help you with your green living project.

Finally, if your office has an elevator, choose the stairs instead – both a healthier option and it will help save electricity.

Green Tips for the Office

Another one of our handy green ideas, is to decorate your office with light colours. Light colours help to reflect the light around the office better, meaning you won’t have to use lights and lamps around the office as much.

Meanwhile, desk plants are included in the many ways to be environmentally friendly. Not only can they add a calming and relaxing atmosphere around the office, but plants also help to absorb any pollutants in the air created from the computer equipment, while helping to cool the air down in the office.

Use Environmentally Friendly Products at Work

It is incredibly easy to get green products for your office to help the Earth that little bit more. From using recycled paper at work, to getting eco friendly versions of products such as floor cleaner and polish, every little bit counts.

Ways to Recycle in the Office

In your effort to save the environment, don’t forget to install recycling bins and compost bins in your office to help make the other employees more conscious of having a green office and in helping the environment.

Meanwhile, any old electrical equipment that will no longer be used, can always be recycled, meaning it won’t be going to waste.

Additionally, for any scrap paper that can be reused, why not have a scrap paper box?

Living Green

There are many ways to save the environment, one of which is to walk or cycle to work when possible. On the other hand, if driving to work is necessary, why not carpool with your friends, to help stop so many CO2 emissions from polluting our environment.

If you are in need of our environmentally friendly services, contact TJC Transport to find out more.

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