How is Glass Recycled?

During our busy lives recycling items is second nature to us, but do we know what happens to the items after that first step?

Recycling is an interesting process and contains many benefits.

At TJC Transport, we are great supporters of recycling, which is why we found researching how glass is recycled, interesting and fascinating to learn about.

Benefits of Recycled Glass

There are many advantages of glass recycling – it provides items with another use and helps us save the Earth’s resources for the future generations yet to live on this planet.

Can Broken Glass Go in the Recycle Bin?

A common question that many people wonder, is can you recycle broken glass?

The answer to your question is yes, broken glass recycling is accepted. However, it is strictly asked that if your glass recycling is collected on kurbside, that you do not put any broken glass in the glass recycling bin, as this could impose the risk of injuring both the people collecting the recycling waste, along with the possibility of injuring pedestrians.

Therefore, to recycle broken glass, it is recommended you take it to a recycling station near you, to be safely dealt with.

How is Glass Recycled? Recycling Glass Facts

One of the many interesting recycling glass facts, is that during the process to recycle glass, glass does not get degraded, which means it can constantly be recycled time and time again for many different uses.

During the glass recycling process, once all of the recycled glass is gathered, it gets delivered to a glass treatment plant.

All of the recycled glassware gets separated dependant on colour (unless the public from that town have already been requested to separate glass colour for recycling). This is important as glass keeps its colour even after being recycled.

The glass recyclable items are then washed to ensure they are thoroughly clean.

The recycled glass jars and recycled bottle glass is then broken down ready to be melted into new glass items, such as jars, bottles and decorative items.

How is Recycling Glass Good for the Environment?

By recycling glass, we are using up less of the Earth’s resources, while also creating more uses for the item.

Meanwhile, if we follow the concept of reduce reuse recycle, there are also many other uses that glass bottles and jars contain in our home life, such as being used to store drinks, items or even be used for vases.

How to Recycle Glass at Home

Depending on where you live, your local area will either allow you to put glass jars and bottles in the recycle bin, you may be given a kurbside recycle box so you can put glass waste in there or you may have public glass bottle recycling banks.

A handy tip to make recycling glass bottles easier at home if you need to take them to a public glass disposal bin, would be to keep a box or a bag aside, ready for you to collect those glass bottles and jars in, so they can both be kept out of your way and easier to transport over to the recycling bank.

When possible, be sure to reduce reuse recycle glass.

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