How is Paper Recycled? The Paper Recycling Process Step by Step

At TJC Transport, we have looked at How is Glass Recycled? and Is Aluminium Recycled? which means it is now time to look at how paper is recycled.

The recycling industry is forever expanding and improving, finding new uses for different materials, while also making the public more conscious of recycling, through providing us with items such as food bins and cardboard and paper recycling bins.

How is Paper Recycled?

For those of you asking the question, how is paper recycled step by step – here is the recycling paper process:

Firstly, all of the waste paper recycling that is thrown into the recycling bins by the public, is gathered up and put in a container together ready to be transported to the recycling centre.

The paper is taken to a recycling plant where the paper is then separated depending on the type of paper it is and its thickness.

The paper is then washed in soapy water – this helps to remove any ink, plastic, staples and glue that is on the paper. It is then put in a container and mixed with water for form what is known as a ‘slurry’.

Depending on what type of paper or cardboard needs to be made, different materials are added to the slurry.

Rollers spread the slurry out into sheets which are left to dry before being rolled up and cut out, ready to be sent to the shops.

Paper Recycling at Home

Depending on where you live, in the UK certain areas are given separate bins for cardboard and paper.

This helps to make the process of recycling paper at home a lot easier for people.

Meanwhile, it makes it easier to teach children from a young age, the importance of recycling paper, about the different types of recycling and to encourage them to recycle more.

Are Staples Recyclable?

A common question that people often puzzle over when it comes to recycling paper, is whether or not staples and paperclips are recyclable.

If you are one of those people who have been removing staples and paperclips from waste paper before putting it in the recycle bin, you’ll be glad to hear that you no longer have to worry about doing that as during the paper recycling process, all staples and paperclips get removed from the paper.

The Advantages of Recycling Paper

There are many benefits of taking the time to recycle paper.

Not only is it a way of reusing the Earth’s resources, preventing the need to cut down more trees, but through waste management and recycling we are also saving energy and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is also a fantastic way of leaving space in our landfills for other rubbish that cannot be recycled.

How do you Make Paper at Home?

If you want to make your own paper at home, then you’ll need scrap paper, water, a blender, a picture frame, a screen, a cloth and a pan.

Rip the paper and put the scrap paper and warm water into a blender. Keep blending until the mixture is smooth.

Tape the photo frame on the screen and pour some of the mixture in the frame till the contents of the frame is covered.

Use a cloth to flatten the mixture and to remove any extra water.

Leave the newly recycled paper to dry and repeat the process with the rest of the mixture.

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