Teaching Children to Recycle

It is a scary thought to think that one day the world will be in our children’s hands.

Day after day we are teaching the future generation the importance of eating healthy, exercising and saving money and electricity. However, another important thing that we must not forget to teach them is recycling.

Why is Recycling so Important?

It is said that around 30 million tonnes of waste in the UK is generated from households.

Meanwhile, in 2015 about 7.3 million tonnes of food from UK households was thrown away.

Through recycling, less of the world’s resources get used and less harmful gases get emitted into the atmosphere, that would increase global warming.

Three R’s of Recycling

The 3 R’s of environment stand for reducereuserecycle.

Reduce: Try and reduce the amount you buy and consume when and where you can to avoid more packaging and rubbish being thrown out than necessary.

Reuse: Reuse what materials you can whether it be for crafts or handy home solutions.

Recycle: Finally, recycle as many materials as you can to avoid more waste than necessary.

Children’s Recycle Games

When trying to teach kids the importance of recycling, one of the best ways is through recycling games.

Through recycled art projects your child can learn while having fun.

A good recycled crafts to try is using a cardboard carton, laying it on its side, cutting a hole out and then filling the carton with compost to plant seeds in.

Not only does it teach children how ordinary items can be reused, but it also gives them the chance to care for their own plant and to look forward to trying some home grown fruit and vegetables.

Meanwhile, why not play a game of bowling with some empty plastic bottles?

Children’s Recycle Song

Recycling songs and even children’s recycling poems are a great help in teaching children about recycling, especially as it can be a catchy song that will get stuck in your head.

A good song to get your child to listen to is by The Kiboomers, Reduce Reuse and Recycle Song for kids.




Children’s Recycling Facts

Over 55% of rubbish can be recycled.

Paper, glass, metal, plastic and fabric can be recycled. Even electronics can be recycled when taken apart.

Rubbish that goes to landfills produces methane which causes global warming.

Children’s Recycling Websites

If your kids enjoy going on the internet and playing games online, why not encourage them to go on websites such as Fun Kids Live or for older children, Science Kids where they can read about the importance of recycling and play games and quizzes related to the topic.

Child Recycling Bin

Another way to encourage your children to join in with the reduce reuse and recycle concept, is to give them their own recycling bins, so that hopefully this will encourage them to recycle more materials rather than throwing everything away in the bin.

Why not also get your children’s recycled art pictures, where they have drawn the recycling logo and pictures of items that can be recycled, and stick the pictures on their recycling bin, to help make it clear to them what they can and cannot recycle.

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