The Biggest Pieces of Art Made From Recycled Materials

It is such a shame seeing so much scrap material and random odds and ends being thrown away.

If there is one thing we hate at TJC Transport, it is waste, which is why we make sure we recycle as much as we can from our skip hire services.

It is always impressive and utterly inspirational seeing someone create an amazing masterpiece from objects and items that someone else declares to be rubbish.

To provide you with some inspiration, here are three of the biggest pieces of art made from recycled materials:

Biggest Pieces of Art Made from Recycled Materials

Ocean Atlas by Jason deCaires Taylor

With an outstanding weight of 60 tons and a height of 18 ft, the world’s biggest recycled sculpture was placed underwater in 2014, in the Bahamas Islands waters. It represents the Greek titan, Atlas.

Meanwhile, the purpose of the sculpture is to attract fish so that they have another location in which they can colonise, as the Bahamian reef was being overcrowded with fish and fauna.

Milk Cartons Castle by a student from Granada’s Architecture University

With an impressive height of 22 ft. 11″, a width of 46 ft. 1″ and a height of 95 ft. 1″, The Milk Cartons Castle is located in Granada, Spain back in 2010.

This sculpture is fully a milk bottle recycled art project, with the castle made from 50,000 milk cartons, glue and staples.

In 2010, this recycled artwork even made it in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the “world’s largest sculpture made from recycled materials”.

Precious Metal by Coca-Cola

Back in 2009, Coca-Cola unveiled their 50-meter artwork which consists purely of aluminium cans.

This amazing recycled art is said to be the world’s biggest recycled artwork and is based on Coca-Cola’s summer poster from 1949, which displays a woman relaxing in the sunshine, while wearing a swimming costume.

The aim of this tin can recycled art was to encourage people to recycle more.

Why Do Artists Use Recycled Materials?

Not only do recycled art projects attract a different range of audience members to the artists work, but it also helps to create awareness and encourage people to reuse, reduce and recycle.


Why Use Recycled Materials for Art?

The Earth only has a limited supply of materials, which is why recycled art is a new and popular concept that more and more artists are working towards. People are realising that it is important not to use up the Earth’s resources – we have the future generations to think about – and that many great things can be created such as art out of waste.


Why is Recycled Art Important?

While junk art projects are something fun for people to do and recycled art crafts is an idea that is often used for school projects, recycled sculptures are also an amazing way of encouraging people to recycle and to reuse what they can.

It builds on the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle, which is a highly important motto for people to live by.

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