Top 11 Weirdest Things Found in Skips / Dumpsters

Have you ever wondered what the weirdest things are that people have found in skips / dumpsters? Wonder no more! We’ve compiled a list of the 11 weirdest things found in skips / dumpsters for your entertainment (in no particular order). Enjoy!

#1 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: WW2 Artillery Shell

A WW2 artillery shell was found thrown in a skip in Cornwall in 2006. The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Squad quickly came to investigate, and the situation was far worse than anybody had imagined.

The bomb squad determined the shell to still be live – just metres from a petrol station too. Luckily, they carried out a controlled explosion in a nearby quarry, and nobody was injured. If the bomb had been set off in the skip, shrapnel would have flew thousands of metres.

#2 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: A Caravan

Somebody actually threw a caravan on top of a skip in Wales. Not in it; on top if it. They didn’t even break it into pieces. No wonder the skip hire company refused to take it!

#3 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: A Coffin

A coffin was found in a skip in Norwich in 2007. Luckily, the coffin was empty and nothing gross was inside. However, the mystery remains as to who the coffin belonged to, and why it was dumped. It is not known whether the coffin is connected to a crime.

#4 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: £100 million Worth Of Stolen Artwork

5 pieces of modern art thought to be worth approximately £100 million were found in a skip in Paris. The pieces were stolen from the Paris museum of modern art by thieves who got caught and wanted to destroy the evidence. That’s right; the irreplaceable, one of a kind artwork was destroyed. However, the criminals were served a healthy dose of justice accordingly.

#5 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: Bags Of Nearly New Designer Clothes

Rich people will throw some crazy things away. Bin men have reported unopened designer shoes, unused wine glasses, and bags and bags of nearly new designer clothes. Apparently, one rich home threw out bags of nearly new designer clothes every week for months.

#6 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: 1920s Baseball Cards Worth Thousands

You can imagine how rare and valuable 1920s baseball cards are these days. What if you found a couple of them in a skip? They have been found in the past, and there’s nothing to say you won’t too!

#7 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: A Hobo

A binman innocently doing his job emptied a skip into the back of a truck only to hear the terrified screams of a hobo. Luckily his life was spared just in time!

#8 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: Onions

Finding onions in a skip or dumpster might not seem so shocking, but when you consider an entire skip filled with onions, things do seem a little weird. An entire skip. Not half of the skip. A full skip of onions. All from one house. What were they cooking?

#9 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: A Holographic Charizard Card

We all know how highly these Pokemon cards were sought after way back when – so what on earth was this rare and desirable holographic Charizard card doing in a skip? Perhaps it was an unknowing mother getting rid of her son’s old junk, or an adult’s way of saying goodbye to their childhood. Whatever the case, these cards are worth a decent amount of pocket money – anywhere from £60-£100, and well into the thousands if it’s a first edition!

#10 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: A 2 Week Old Leg

For binmen who work at hospitals, things aren’t always pretty. Sure, you get a bit of blood and used needles, but you don’t always expect to see a 2 week old leg sticking out of a container. We don’t know why this leg wasn’t disposed of a little more appropriately, and we don’t want to know. Some disposal companies have even been contacted to root through the trash to find old organs that need to be tested for diseases. Nice!

#11 Weirdest Thing Found in Skip: Gallon Jugs Of Urine

In a dumpster behind a motel, dozens of gallon jugs of urine lay in wait. A family in one of the rooms had been urinating in the jugs to stop anybody from guessing how many of them were living there. The worst thing about this story? The poor guy who found them had a cold urine shower when the bottles popped as he disposed of them.

You just wouldn’t believe the things that people throw away. How would you feel if you found one of these things in a skip?

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