Top List of Blogs, News Sites & Media That Focus on Climate Change

Climate change has been a hot topic for many years, and it’s featured prominently in the news over the last 12 months especially.

The world’s environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate, leading to many experts calling for things to reduce the global carbon footprint, and save our planet.

As a consequence, there’s plenty of information out there surrounding this topic and supporting climate change.

Equally, there are some people out there that try and deny this is a real issue, and claim climate change is a lie. This results in the presence of so much misinformation about climate issues online.

Keeping that in mind, if you want to learn more about climate change, then you need to ensure you’re reading reliable sources.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best blogs, news sites, and media that focus on climate change.

You can find them down below, along with a few reasons explaining why we think they’re great.

1. Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science is a blog run out of Australia, and it includes loads of great climate change content.

What we love about it is that it aims to debunk a lot of myths surrounding the topic. Its name is taken from all the people who are skeptical about the science behind climate change.

So, it uses evidence and facts to perfectly explain why climate change is real, and bust any myths. They post very regularly too, so there’s always great content on there when you need it.

2. NASA Climate Change

Sometimes, the best way to present information on climate change is through videos. The NASA Climate Change YouTube channel is the perfect example of this.

They show animations of the earth that explain what will happen if global warming continues at the current rate. This includes shocking videos of the ice caps melting, and providing a prediction of what the world looks like when ocean levels rise.

They don’t post that regurarly, but the content they produce is very informative and is built on hard evidence and science.




3. RealClimate

RealClimate is another blog that does great work on climate change. It’s run by a team of proper climate scientists that keep you updated on the latest goings on and findings.

They do a great job when it comes to filling in some of the blanks you tend to get when news stories break on climate change and the environment.

Some news websites are so quick to get their stories out that they miss some small but important details.

These climate scientists cover everything, and they’re always quick to post some new content when something happens.

4. The New York Times

When it comes to news outlets that provide good info on this topic, The New York Times is one of the top sites to visit.

They have a section dedicated to global warming and climate change, where many investigative journalists provide stories and reports packed full of evidence and facts.

Not only that, but there are some opinion posts too, which give a good insight into different ideas for protecting the environment and preventing climate change.

Posts are as regular as possible, with the frequency increasing whenever major environmental news happens.

5. The Guardian

Another news site worthy of bookmarking is The Guardian. Again, they have a section dedicated to this topic in the form of an environmental blog.

Here, people post articles that talk about this topic and discuss climate change in great depth.

There are some really good investigative pieces here that show just how bad climate change is and what will happen if nothing is done to prevent it.

6. ThinkProgress

ThinkProgress is a news site that looks to provide hardcore reporting from a more progressive perspective.

They have a climate section on their site where they report on all the latest news in this industry.

It’s a really good place to go if you want up-to-date news on what’s happening with the environment and what politicians are doing – or not doing – to help improve things.

Bonus Entry: Potholer54

This is a YouTube channel with over 140,000 subscribers, dedicated to explaining scientific research.

There’s an entire series of videos that dive into climate change and helps debunk common myths and show the science behind everything.

While there haven’t been many recent updates to the playlist, it deserves a bonus mention because there are over 30 videos that provide a lot of good information for you.



If you’re keen to stay updated with all the latest climate change goings on, then these blogs, news sites, and YouTube channels are the best places to start.